Thursday, April 23, 2009

Print your map ahead of time!

Joining us for Saturday's hike? Why not bring your own map?

Those of you who have hiked with us before may know that we often run out of maps. Since we never know how many people are coming, we print a set number and hope for the best. This time, we're providing the map for you to download and print if you choose. Just click here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 25th Urban Hike in the Hilltop

Spring cleaning?! You can do that later. Take a hike with us instead!

Urban Hike is kicking off its 2009 season with a walk on the Hilltop. We’ll see parts of Allentown, Beltzhoover, Knoxville and that enigmatic area called Mt. Oliver (is it a neighborhood? A borough? A province? A state of mind?). Join us April 25th at 11 am under the clock at the intersection of Brownsville Road and Amanda Avenue. Free parking is available on Amanda and several other side streets. The hike should last about three hours; you’re welcome to join us afterwards for lunch at a local restaurant.

Since we’re starting a new season, now might be a good time to answer some FAQs:
What does it cost?
Nothing! Awesome, right?
When do I have to RSVP?
You don’t! Wow!
Can I bring my dog?
Only if he/she can take a bunch of strangers calling him/her the cutest dog in the universe, yes you are! Oh, and sometimes on our hikes we stop at places that might not be dog-friendly. But we usually don’t stop for long.

Other questions? E-mail